Hitting your head with a hammer



There are days that the extra bar of chocolate, another glass of beer or seeing an ex would be crossing one’s abhorrent mind. Considering the sugar increase, jumping of the wagon or adultery (uhrm infidelity) issues.
I have just been in a life altering surgery after an unpredictable disease. It is surreal, the miracle of walking out of that condition is so slim a percentage, it’s almost none existent.
Going back to my point, the feeling of doing something wrong but still goes ahead with it is surrounded by numerous reason and my point because after the hammer hits the head one feels good for a long time after that.
Life throws a lot of curve balls. Either we go through the hoops, bounce it back or take the force that has been thrown to us. There are scary stages, uncertain delusions or sweet memories. Being human we could enjoy all of those confetti of emotions and aren’t we lucky?