99.8% Full Moon Tonight

Being in Vancouver and peeking out of the car with this huge, brilliant moon presenting itself like saying “I’m here, bold and beautiful. Come and stare.” Stare I did indeed!

One fact I had encountered this-normal-crazy-all-staff-and-boss-cranky day has something to do with this big bold moon. I even said it whilst consoling one of the femmes who just broke  down after having 2 femmes scream at her for no apparent reason. I said there must be a full moon with the females. I read that full moon influencing a pull on liquid (full moon equals high tide) affects females moods. I read before (forgive the missing reference for my statement) that full moon have an emotional effect to females and more than men because we have more liquid contents in our body than men.
It was a theory on the document I read before but more often than not moods this horrid I found is when the moon is full. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I believe in this magnetic pull and wishing it wont be that full tomorrow. So there you go. If you are cranky today for no reason ’tis the answer. Have a good night.