A Tribute To All Eagles & Lions


9am in the office door ready for that 10am earth-breaking pitch to seal a $100K project in, then talking to your team all revved up and be replied with a “Huh, but I have to have coffee and toast first!” whined the Queen Whiner of the nation. Soul plummets to your feat. How? How in the life of me could you soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys? In this instance turkey.Eagles

Do you feel that? It is hard enough to sum up the courage of a might-be-scary-presentation to an awe-inspiring-triumph moment. So being the optimist that you are what do you do? Get rid of the turkeys! Make your own pack. May your pack be the professional stiff collar world or the warm and gooey-potato couch buddies!


Thank you Monalisa for inspiring this blog!

Reference for images: http://mynutritionninja.com/what-it-takes-to-be-a-champion/


Believe you can and you’re halfway there. – Theodore Roosevelt


Hmmm, food for thought, quite a chunk. We always get inspirational quotes, motivational speeches and encouraging dialogues that moves us forward for whatever decision we have to make. Accepting a promotion, becoming a parent, getting married, that sort of life altering decision in life.

We need that, aware or not, that is one factor why we go ahead with a decision, when we get told to. I always had qualms, and most of the time my mind is made up but I just can’t go ahead sometimes, specially if it concerns other people’s welfare, I need an accomplice.


In my life, I always had my mentor, Pascale, she’s different from me like night and day, that was the first day I met her. She was my mentor, financial manager, for 10 years and had been the greatest motivator in my life. She never really told me what to do but she makes me ‘say’ what I want to do. She narrows everything down that made me select the best answer like a quiz. For the last 14 months I haven’t seen her yet as we are continents away. She made me believe and she made me who I am. She was and is the friend, adviser, boss, logical judge and french connoisseur, best I ever had. Thankful for the lessons given. The best advise she gave me was, I am great and I should believe I am. There is no better person who could think less or more of you than yourself.


Merci beaucoup Madame! Gros Bisous!






Sunset in Vancouver


Yellow back draft with hints of gold glittering on the air before darkness sets it. Sunset in Vancouver, today that is at 8:48pm. Nice to play a round of golf before heading home.


Talked to an old friend yesterday. She still lives in Dubai and is still running with the crowd to make it to the finish line. I told her I started a blog, and she smiled (skype 🙂 ) she said, “Ah finally you have the time.” And she still doesn’t. Life in Dubai with its numerous perks are so tempting. Malls are open until 10 pm on normal days and until 1am in Ramadan for a whole month. It’s a festivity!

Do I miss it? The shopping, well yeah! My brother and his family, definite yes! But other than that, hmmm, not really. I miss the people but my life there as a whole, no. I work long hours, I barely see my son. I had witnessed my office plant grow though. Not a very good sign.

Vancouver with its heart is different. I am human here. I finally get to watch movies (not to exaggerate but I could squeeze a movie or 2 only in a year) with the pace I was living in.

Less money, less pizzazz, more life? I was more alive in Vancouver, alive to see life not running pass by you but with you. I am finally living it! And enjoy watching the sunset in Vancouver at 8:48 tonight.

sunset walk



Odds and Ends 2


As promised I am bringing in your midst the sights and colors of my migration.

opp La Plage

Speaking of migration, these are migratory birds, often a common sight during winter season. In case you were wondering where do the birds from your place go during the freezing winters well here are some of them. This shot was taken by Michael Jarabelo, 4 years ago at the back of my previous office in Jumeirah 3, Dubai.

It was a beautiful day then, but aren’t all days? hmmmm

Not to be out done, here’s a burst of color last winter in Vancouver,IMG_1549


I took this shot, its almost evening. Isn’t life glorious?


Life the tent ladies days, there are colors, represented by the untoward happenings to her life that made a surprising turn of events when she was crowned queen. Her grays turned into gold. Things happen for a reason. No one can explain why (I can definitely argue with you endlessly but I could never confirm nor can anyone does) it just the way the universe works. We can perceive and receive. The best advise “en garde” and don’t delve. Life is too short.




Odds and ends


This is a typical sunset in Dubai, very rare that doesn’t appear. Sunset could be from 5 – 7 pm only. For all seasons, by the way, the seasons there are hot and hotter remember? Predictable, short spanned, sunset times.

Now let’s talk about Canada, image

This is whistler in summer, thank you Michael Jarabelo, another great shot! It’s like a dream. The brilliant sunshine and amazing temp comes almost predictably between July to September, unless global warming starts challenging my statement, this is the time to enjoy.

Vancouver is indeed beautiful. I’ll be posting some more pictures in my next blogs, so stay tuned. Feel free to ask. I’ll be pleased to reply. Have a great weekend!