The Heat of the Fad


Snow had fallen heavy last night. The heaters are working hard keeping the rooms cozy. You open the window and gasp at the wondrous haven of immaculate serenity, untouched snow blanketing all what your eyes can see.
It is calmer today, more chilly than yesterday. While your breath fogs the window your thoughts drift on how to take advantage of that snow. Grab your wide-angle lens, shoot away? Pull on your reliable snow boots and trample away on the great white and make a snow angel or two? Maybe sit down with a warm coco and laze the day away?
The choices are endless, that is just for the snow. How about your taste? Your life? Your expression? How to silently cast your thoughts away?
Facebook? Twitter? The net? TV? How’s about a shirt? I am going basic, ill be expressing myself today with a shirt. I placed my photo down for you to see. Would you like to express yourself like me? Go to my reference link, they are awesome. Typically like me! Seize your day!


Check my reference for their link!




The Million Dream



Wouldn’t it be nice to have an robotic ward robe that would identify matching clothes and accessories plus an added information of when was the last time you wore that number? Or spend $2000 for dinner of 5 people, 2 adults and 3 kids at a Teppanyaki bar? Well it sure is nice to be Victoria Beckham. Oh I forgot, there is a palace where one can roam around and have your mail mistakenly dropped at the Beckingham palace because of the nearness of the names (ludicrous, but true!).


Anyway, aren’t people always dream of winning the lotto or having a sudden windfall that finally you can chuck the old wagon for a 4 wheel drive BMW (some don’t need the windfall and manage to have the BMW, though most of them in these situations doesn’t sleep very well at night) . How does one make it? I got an advise from a self made millionaire who is an author of how to be a millionaire book and yes, write a book on how to be a millionaire and it works. Or flip houses, in Las Vegas that is a hit. And yes, make your own business. Very few people get rich working, if at all.

I am about to start a venture and I will blog all the details of that venture here for the delight of the dreamers like me. Who knows maybe I will be flaunting my Hermes Evelyne bag in a year or two, huh! Fashionestees’ about to come.

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