The Tent Lady


Good morning Monday! My head is brewing with thoughts in trying to remember who the author of this very inspiring story. It has been years that I was trying to locate the writer but my best bet is Og Mandino being one of the most inspirational writers of all times.


Do you ever wonder why you had to learn how to manage your email and squeeze them all in Outlook or why for some reason do you need to know how to open up canned goods with a knife? Or learn French when you already speak English?

Going deeper . . . is there a purpose to the skills/experience you are now garnering that you have to bite your tongue not to spat at the illiterate customer you have as a call centre agent who can’t seem to find the Control key on the keyboard?!


Well, maybe this will help. The story of the tent lady had been repeated from my lips for some time now and had actually helped me understand more of the phases of life I went through.


A young lady born in a small village where they take silks from caterpillars as their trade had been hit by a plague where most of the people died. The survivors had moved to the neighbouring village to survive.


The new village makes thread from silk as their craft. Foreigners from afar had captured this village and they were sold off for slaves. This young lady was one of them, she was bought by a merchant that creates cloth from threads. She toiled and perfected that craft. One day the master noticed her skills and sold her to an off shore merchant as she has a higher price for that skill.

Her new master makes ropes from thread. Again she learned that craft. The new master needs to get to his homeland and sell his products and so brought her on his ship to sail. On the way, a storm had crept up and hit the ship the young lady was on. Everybody died except her.


She woke up in a foreign land, on the shore, alone and desolate. Feeling the world on her and wondering what kind of mishap could still happen. She did not have enough time even to question the misadventure one after the other as all she tried to do was survive.

Suddenly an army of soldiers came to her and ask her to come. She came willingly, she’s got nothing on her Iphone Calendar anyway (trying to see here if you are still awake!).


She was brought to the King of the land all bedraggled and dazed. She was placed in a room with silk in a bundle and she was asked to make a tent. With all her skills it was easy. She made the threads to make the cloth and the ropes from the silk. And from the thread she made the ropes. Eventually she created the tent from silk.


She married the King. The prophecy of the land, a lady visitor from a faraway place will come and make a tent out of silk and would be crowned Queen.


***Lessons, things happen for a reason. The reason won’t be known before the right time. When is the right time? When you got all the ammunitions you need to trudge ahead. If she gave up when she was sold she would not have been queen. Heads up M’Ladies and gents, life is too short.