Lost in Migration


Ahhhh, now this is something I could sink my teeth into. Have you felt that you have been in the same cold weather, dreary winters, wet springs, etc. that you want to have a change to an everyday sunny day?


Or have you always lived in a hot humid country that the sun finally gets to you that a snow reprieve turns you into a frantic-boot-legged-scarfed maniac trying to catch a snowflake with your tongue?


Well then there’s a solution for you, summer in Canada and winter in the UAE, particularly Dubai.


Canadian seasons, specific to Vancouver, creates colours beyond my imagination. It’s beautiful specially on a sunny day. There will always be a cool breeze on your face outside. Winters are cold but not harsh in this area. Seemingly bearable.


Dubai seasons, are hot and hotter. But hey, it rains (this is an approximate to the times I was there) about 12 times in a year. On those days you would see folks donning their boots and fashionable parkas or trench coats, mind you this is the version of winter there.

The coldest temperature in winter I had when I used to live there was 11 degrees centigrade in January.  A City with 4, 114 km2 of land area with a population of 2.1 million (90-85% are expatriates). I have a Serbian friend who took a picture of clouds in Dubai as it is not often you see them there, normally its just clear blue skies!

Sounds like fun? It is, because its a tourist city and most of the great food places in the world have a franchise there. Plus by the way, the country is tax free. Making it the go-to place in the Middle East for shopping and everything else.


The only thing it is not, is home. Vancouver is home and it has a heart. That is the big difference why me and my family migrated here. This is a place to finally take root in. One more thing, if Vancouver boasts 20-30 deg centigrade in summer Dubai can make a whopping 55 deg centigrade, and I kid you not :).  Have a great day!