Odds and Ends 3


Alright getting back on my migration topics, do you know that the worlds tallest building is in Dubai, UAE? It’s called Burj Khalifa, I won’t go with the calculated height of it, it’s easy to google anyway, I will just show you how it looked like on New Year’s Eve courtesy of my Michael Jarabelo’s persistence on this night.



Though according to CNN the next tallest building will be built in 2014 in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah to be exact and will be 1kilometer in the skies. I’ll wait for the pictures.


Before Burj Khalifa out shown all hotels and tall buildings in Dubai there is Burj Al Arab and they have an amazing evening for couples where you have 1 bedroom suite and an adjoining parlor that you will share with another couple to be served by your own butler for the night. Now, how’s that for a memorable night. I’m unsure if they have that offer still, that was in 2011. Has been awhile.


Now if you are envisioning having dinner in the tallest building in the world, there is this nice restaurant  that I personally recommend, try the At.Mosphere, Foie gras to start and veal as main, you won’t  be sorry. Schedule the dinner as soon as you can in 2014 before Saudi snatches the Guinness record title 😉