Harmony and Happiness?


Harmony and Happiness?.


The Sage?


I told one of my friends that I started blogging and he commented ah, you are turning to Sage? Enlightenment? Interesting and so I followed the lead, it seems that Sages are teachers but they don’t use words, quoting a page from “Sacred Place in Time”, enlightened Sages are silent. It is a very moving description that I was not able to grasp the entirety to it. I may inquire on my friend on what he knows more and keep you guys posted. Here’s the link in case you want to read it: ¬†http://rahkyt.com/2013/09/09/practical-enlightenment-the-silent-sage/

Midweek and we are 2 days near the weekend. Yehey! To the Middle East people, enjoy your weekend.. They start their weekend on Thursdays, off on Fridays and some companies, Saturday in respect of the day of prayer for the Muslims which is the Friday. Salam!