A Tribute To All Eagles & Lions


9am in the office door ready for that 10am earth-breaking pitch to seal a $100K project in, then talking to your team all revved up and be replied with a “Huh, but I have to have coffee and toast first!” whined the Queen Whiner of the nation. Soul plummets to your feat. How? How in the life of me could you soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys? In this instance turkey.Eagles

Do you feel that? It is hard enough to sum up the courage of a might-be-scary-presentation to an awe-inspiring-triumph moment. So being the optimist that you are what do you do? Get rid of the turkeys! Make your own pack. May your pack be the professional stiff collar world or the warm and gooey-potato couch buddies!


Thank you Monalisa for inspiring this blog!

Reference for images: http://mynutritionninja.com/what-it-takes-to-be-a-champion/


99.8% Full Moon Tonight

Being in Vancouver and peeking out of the car with this huge, brilliant moon presenting itself like saying “I’m here, bold and beautiful. Come and stare.” Stare I did indeed!

One fact I had encountered this-normal-crazy-all-staff-and-boss-cranky day has something to do with this big bold moon. I even said it whilst consoling one of the femmes who just broke  down after having 2 femmes scream at her for no apparent reason. I said there must be a full moon with the females. I read that full moon influencing a pull on liquid (full moon equals high tide) affects females moods. I read before (forgive the missing reference for my statement) that full moon have an emotional effect to females and more than men because we have more liquid contents in our body than men.
It was a theory on the document I read before but more often than not moods this horrid I found is when the moon is full. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I believe in this magnetic pull and wishing it wont be that full tomorrow. So there you go. If you are cranky today for no reason ’tis the answer. Have a good night.

Ups and Downs



Ahhhh, the consequential cliche whenever you feel like the world is on you. But alas, that is not the content of this blog. When I say Ups and Downs, I mean UPS and DOWNS.

Ups like Victoria Beckham’s rumored computerized closet that gives inventories of when the item was worn (check my reference down) which, well, cost around $500k (US eh! Canadians add 25% more on that, sheesh!).

There are and maybe days where you feel like, uhmmm, a simple walk in closet would do. You may not have the notion to have  your 360 degree view of yourself prior to getting out of your room (yes, the closet does that too). There are rich people, and there are rich people. And where they spend depends on their fancy.

Alright, how about the DOWNS? The downs, ah, Congo is one word to summarize it all. That is only an example. Up to now there are people dying of malnutrition. No water to drink, no work, no land, I could go on. There are people who eat once a day or less and not by choice. Its fate, kismet, there is no explanation, we can try and be rational but this is reality.

The Ups and Downs are part of life. How can you make the difference? When you are up give, not only money, but time, advise, service, whatever. Giving when you are up and others down could even the scale. As when you are down someone will extend to you to even out the scale. Its a simple quid pro quo “something for something”. Its the yin yang of life.


When you grow envious of the more fortunate, think of the less fortunate than yourself. Get out of the house and do something meaningful, help balance the scale, you will feel a lot better. I assure you.





The Poison in Beauty


Poison in beauty


Phantasmal Poison Frog Epipedobates tricolor; wow what a mouth full, but that is their official name. I find them quite beautiful. They are commonly called Dart frogs.

One other relative species is called Dendrobatids that include some of the most toxic animals on Earth. The two-inch-long (five-centimeter-long) golden poison dart frog has enough venom to kill 10 grown men. Indigenous Emberá people of Colombia have used its powerful venom for centuries to tip their blowgun darts when hunting, hence the genus’ common name.

You may be wondering why I am discussing these beauties, well for the justification of making a point (bloggers and writers have that goal, in my opinion).

The beauty of the Dart frogs color makes it attractive. The size hiding the malevolent nature of its existence. Its origin and purpose masked by the meek stature of the amphibian. Like humans, we are normally judged by how we appear, how we carry ourselves, how we speak and relate to others. At a distance the judging of one’s character is tricky. Get closer and some features can be evident. But its true nature? It can only be known by researching. Investigating and inventively unearthing relative facts to the purpose.

The correlation? Seek and observe then move with stealth, you wont know the venom’s effectivity until it sinks and paralyzes you or worse, kill you. Don’t be taken by sheer beauty or attractiveness. Use your bodies other senses, eyes are the initial surveyor don’t make it the decision maker. Enjoy your weekend.




Hitting your head with a hammer



There are days that the extra bar of chocolate, another glass of beer or seeing an ex would be crossing one’s abhorrent mind. Considering the sugar increase, jumping of the wagon or adultery (uhrm infidelity) issues.
I have just been in a life altering surgery after an unpredictable disease. It is surreal, the miracle of walking out of that condition is so slim a percentage, it’s almost none existent.
Going back to my point, the feeling of doing something wrong but still goes ahead with it is surrounded by numerous reason and my point because after the hammer hits the head one feels good for a long time after that.
Life throws a lot of curve balls. Either we go through the hoops, bounce it back or take the force that has been thrown to us. There are scary stages, uncertain delusions or sweet memories. Being human we could enjoy all of those confetti of emotions and aren’t we lucky?