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I have been contemplating on writing a book for a very long time. Right when I was 14 when I started a quick feedback of my storytelling skills and had asked my classmates what they thought of the story I made. I didnt know I just started my first feasibilty study.
I read and researched and well didnt really have the main objective to my book yet. But I have a lot of stories to tell. On this day I almost died last year. The miracle of surviving with just stitches and some scars are my only proof of being under a catastrophe and survived. I will detail that in Chapter 10.
Today is my miracle day. I thank God immensely of giving me another life, to breathe through it with a smile and count every day as a blessed day.
As for my book, I will kee you posted 😉


Castle from trash


A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.

David Brinkley


This is a literal translation of what David Brinkley said. A castle can indeed be built from trash. But I find Mr. Brinkley’s quote deeper than that. It appears to me that the bricks are stuff that people had used to hurt you, something that could have brought you to your knees, could have made you bled, incapacitated, in the worst extent mutilated and in the end using those factors that maimed you to fight back and win. Classic superhero stuff? Maybe. Didn’t superman get really hurt before he fights back and rise to the occasion worthy of his cape? Has that happened to you? Or currently happening? Are you in a state where you take all the blame or the worst stuff at work or in the community? Does it appear at times, seems unbearable and there is no reason for you to suffer that? Has there been a bad falling out, deal gone bad, lost commitment or lost contract and you are the one blamed for all because you are the CHEESE? The one who don’t have anyone to point a finger on as you are the last in line? Are you young doing the hazing? Or old and stuck?

We’ll good news for you, life doesn’t stay like that unless you let it. You were given by God a body and mind equipped to survive (if with disability, the other senses or extremity compensates, it is still survival). The mind to comprehend, the mouth to speak it out, the eyes to ensure they are listening to you, the ears that hears their reply, the hands that steadies you as you take everything in and the lips to smile as you acknowledge your win.

Grab the chance, use the bricks, it made you stronger, they would need a huge block to get your attention. But the bricks is a necessity, believe it or not. Some might have gone through easier than you, but I assure you their foundation couldn’t be stronger than yours. Your resolve will not be shaken definitely, not as much as them who made it easy. Hang tough, once the villains finish their torment, its done, now it’s your turn, make it sweet. You deserve it!


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Calmness is the cradle of power – Josiah Gilbert holland


Calmness is the cradle of power – Josiah Gilbert holland


Calmness is a gift. Not everyone can play, er shall we say, ‘cool’? I have been taught by my very first mentor that the key to any situation is being calm. Calm defined as ice running down ones veins. And to Justify Mr. Holland’s wisdom quote, it is a source of power. In an argument, the man with the loudest voice gets attention, but the quiet one is given consideration. He thinks steady and waits for the right time, when the ranting opponent gets tired and frustrated then he logically explains in simple words, carefully-thought-off retort that would set the opponent off guard. A chance that will give way for the silent calm man to win his war amidst the battles.


It is in calmness when logic sets in, ideas to flow, positive energy to float and emanate every fibre of a being. Taking over the scenario, taking charge of the task. I had found that being calm and in peace have its most advantage compared to stress and turmoil. It is evident in the description alone of these opposing words. Now the big question and challenge is, how does one acquire this calmness? It’s almost an impossibility with the noise, chaos, and stress we all are undergoing. Gritting our teeth, seething and fist clenching reactions are most seemingly common than peace.

Being a realist, I take it as it is. But being an optimist makes me wait for tomorrow and what my words will bring. I have high hopes to the people in the future. As long as there is wisdom, peace will be sought and when calmness is achieved there will be the universal wisdom, Oom!



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Post Mother’s Day


mother's day A day after Mother’s day, what great stories do everyone carry? My 8 year old son made a very thoughtful poster that he gingerly hid last Friday and made sure I wont see you it until Sunday. The hiding  effort is already too much fun and can’t wait when he finally remembered to give it to me. Plus he was sweet enough to prepare my toothbrush and mug last night as his passing gesture for his subservient celebration of Mother’s Day. I am very lucky!   I was asked by an acquaintance what was my plan for Mother’s day. I said I am going to light a candle. And the obvious question is why should I light a candle. My mother passed away when I was 14 years old. I light a candle to remember her on mother’s day. There’s no getting over it, just getting used to it was and is the only coping mechanism me and my brother could come up with. We are survivors, we have to be.   One curious topic on motherhood. What is a mother? According to Wikipedia (which if used in a Masteral context, is not a substantive source of information, in other words, Wikipedia is a good tool for definition but not that good to be used as reference. So in this regard, I am just simply informing) motherhood is basically related to bearing an offspring or had been an object of making an offspring. If you ask me, I would like to broaden that definition to all women who had given birth in their hearts instead of their tummies. Nurturing and caring for children similar to mothers as how are we going to account the mothers who adopted kids or had been a great aunt or sister. Now the difference in my definition between mother’s and none mother’s is the birth process itself. Yes, the birth process is a great effort indeed (up until 2-3 years ago, the memory still send shivers down my spine) but so is motherhood. If I as a child had not given the chance for my aunt or grandmother or all the other females that mothered me on the days that I need one the most, then I wont be where I am now. I thank them all. The friends, acquaintances and even neighbours that had taken the inkling to mother me, I gave them all the chance. It fed my hunger and formed me that led to the success of being a mother. Let’s play it light, kids has to be loved, cared and fussed on, give all the available females the right to do that. The world will be a better place with it anyway. Cuddle away! Mother's love