The Poison in Beauty


Poison in beauty


Phantasmal Poison Frog Epipedobates tricolor; wow what a mouth full, but that is their official name. I find them quite beautiful. They are commonly called Dart frogs.

One other relative species is called Dendrobatids that include some of the most toxic animals on Earth. The two-inch-long (five-centimeter-long) golden poison dart frog has enough venom to kill 10 grown men. Indigenous Emberá people of Colombia have used its powerful venom for centuries to tip their blowgun darts when hunting, hence the genus’ common name.

You may be wondering why I am discussing these beauties, well for the justification of making a point (bloggers and writers have that goal, in my opinion).

The beauty of the Dart frogs color makes it attractive. The size hiding the malevolent nature of its existence. Its origin and purpose masked by the meek stature of the amphibian. Like humans, we are normally judged by how we appear, how we carry ourselves, how we speak and relate to others. At a distance the judging of one’s character is tricky. Get closer and some features can be evident. But its true nature? It can only be known by researching. Investigating and inventively unearthing relative facts to the purpose.

The correlation? Seek and observe then move with stealth, you wont know the venom’s effectivity until it sinks and paralyzes you or worse, kill you. Don’t be taken by sheer beauty or attractiveness. Use your bodies other senses, eyes are the initial surveyor don’t make it the decision maker. Enjoy your weekend.