“Learn to Weep” – Pope Francis



I was chatting with my best friend and was solicited with advice,  with me feeling tired and melancholy, it hit home. The story goes, It was her birthday when she paid a visit to University of Sto. Thomas, her alma mater, to witness the visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines. She was moved by the whole experience, just by being there.

There was an encounter between Pope Francis and a child where the child asked why God let bad things happen to innocent children. Quoting his response from the heart came “Only when the heart is able to ask the question and weep can we understand something.”

Whenever something bad happens in our lives we seek advise, people who console us until we feel better or found justification to the mortifying feeling we are experiencing. There are tag replies to, say, a loss of a love one, e.g. ‘We are destined to be gone, its just time is the essence.’ For me, when I had lost my loved one, I cried not because they are gone but because I don’t know how to survive without them. I’ll be lost.

Learn how to weep, cry with your heart for after the tears all will be clear.





Post Mother’s Day


mother's day A day after Mother’s day, what great stories do everyone carry? My 8 year old son made a very thoughtful poster that he gingerly hid last Friday and made sure I wont see you it until Sunday. The hiding  effort is already too much fun and can’t wait when he finally remembered to give it to me. Plus he was sweet enough to prepare my toothbrush and mug last night as his passing gesture for his subservient celebration of Mother’s Day. I am very lucky!   I was asked by an acquaintance what was my plan for Mother’s day. I said I am going to light a candle. And the obvious question is why should I light a candle. My mother passed away when I was 14 years old. I light a candle to remember her on mother’s day. There’s no getting over it, just getting used to it was and is the only coping mechanism me and my brother could come up with. We are survivors, we have to be.   One curious topic on motherhood. What is a mother? According to Wikipedia (which if used in a Masteral context, is not a substantive source of information, in other words, Wikipedia is a good tool for definition but not that good to be used as reference. So in this regard, I am just simply informing) motherhood is basically related to bearing an offspring or had been an object of making an offspring. If you ask me, I would like to broaden that definition to all women who had given birth in their hearts instead of their tummies. Nurturing and caring for children similar to mothers as how are we going to account the mothers who adopted kids or had been a great aunt or sister. Now the difference in my definition between mother’s and none mother’s is the birth process itself. Yes, the birth process is a great effort indeed (up until 2-3 years ago, the memory still send shivers down my spine) but so is motherhood. If I as a child had not given the chance for my aunt or grandmother or all the other females that mothered me on the days that I need one the most, then I wont be where I am now. I thank them all. The friends, acquaintances and even neighbours that had taken the inkling to mother me, I gave them all the chance. It fed my hunger and formed me that led to the success of being a mother. Let’s play it light, kids has to be loved, cared and fussed on, give all the available females the right to do that. The world will be a better place with it anyway. Cuddle away! Mother's love