Floating to Unity



This is my shot and if you can ignore the exit sign at the back, it will make me fell a lot better.

Getting to the mood, have you felt the floating feeling? The liberation of being free, sans regard as the French says, to do without regards. Fleeting with flow where the wave of current takes you. No use to struggle, why bother? Its nice to go along where life carries you. But then to where, there will be time this scene agrees with you then again there will be a stage when it does not. When doesn’t it agree with you, to be floating and carefree? I want that!

And I do have the answer. The stage when you dont want to be free and floating is when the tide brings you further away from your group, your family, friends and the community. The place that makes you YOU! It’s the place where you are already expressing yourself and the community knows you and loves you irregardless. So you say there’s limitation to your freedom, then take it in stages. There’s nothing big that couldn’t be broken if you started little 😉

So go float, float into unity. Fun begins in numbers!


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A Mother is born


Tick, tick, tick, tick, time ticking and the moment is growing near for another mother to be born.

pregnancy.jpg 2

It is normal that we shower attention to all new babies, this blog is for the mothers that gives way to the spotlight for their kids.

My advise before the due date, sleep and rest as much as you can. It is going to be a fun filled adventure. My son’s paediatrician was also a friend and when I asked him when will my life get back to normal (my son was 1 month old then) he answered “Oh in about 19 years, give or take a year.” and then he smiled.

True to the fact, motherhood had changed my world. I didn’t imagine I would still enjoy Disneyland pass my 30’s :). Or be able to make houses out of Lego bricks (remnants of what used to be cars or ships) and be more creative.

Yes, there are sleepless nights, cranky moments and tantrum spells but they all go away and mutates into task arguments, Ipad or TV time and bedtime. The venture continues and so will my blog.


For all the babies to be born soon, en guard! A mother will be born with you!