Office Bully!


Have you had an office bully? The one who has control over you say, a supervisor, a visa officer, or just a colleague that annoyingly saunters into a room, expecting all eyes on him/her like he/she is the best gift of the universe?


We’ll I had that, for nearly 10 years before I gained enough zen to zone him out hah!  How much of a bully, alright, I’m about 5’2″ and average built. He’s a 6’2″ large built, bile-spitting-visa officer of the company that everyone is nice to because he can make a mess that would throw you out of the country as fast as you can say “ok”. And he threatens everyone with that. He’s rude, annoying, unprofessional who make snide remarks that’s demeaning to women and humiliating to men. Yes, for a fact, the guy barely speaks English and had self learned, started working when he was 14, so there goes the ethics from school. Ah, but he can make wonders, difficult transaction he can execute as he uses the “I’m-annoying-so-u-gotta-give-what-I-want-to-get-rid-of-me” style, and man does that work!

He was so bad he had to turn in one of my colleagues awaiting legal residency because she asked for a receipt on his transactions! (She’s accounts payable by the way). The boss is at his mercy, having those red tapes and what-not. Mind you, I had worked on having that guy fired but no matter what I do, he’s still there. Until the day his head grew so big, he head banged the boss, alas! After 12 years together, he and my boss went their separate ways. To the happy indignation of my true self and the 60 other people who had to endure him to survive in the middle east, he’s finally gone! But that’s 10 years, though he just visits @ least once or twice a week during that time which made me endure working there still. In another place and time, that guy’s best job can’t have human interaction. He was fired from the rest of the companies he also worked with when he was fired from our company. I just realized how lucky I am to have that over with, boy was I ever thankful it is! I have a female version of this, maybe next blog 😉


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